coding experiments & demo's

Some code still in beta
JavaScript debounce/rate limiter module for functions that are prone to repetitive calling (such as mousewheel, orientationchange, resize, scroll, etc).
Tool that compares two (or more) public IMDb (watch)lists to see which movies overlap (thus can be watched together by the watchlist users).
A scroller that stays scrolled to bottom, without using any JavaScript. More info here.
Extends the browser's (JavaScript) console to a visual console (in HTML). More info here.
SVG + JavaScript-based dynamic motion blur image scroller.
How I attempted to recreate InDesign’s ‘baseline grid’ using CSS More info here.
A Bootstrap integration, and further development/refinement of Josh Comeau's Magical 3D Button. More info here.
Very Simple (but very versatile) Parallax scrolling system, using CSS and just 15 lines of JavaScript.
JavaScript-based (Bitcoin) blockchain simulator.
Designed for use with graphs, when descriptive labels should not overlap each other. More info here.
Emulates momentum/intertial scrolling (no rubber band effect) using plain JavaScript (jQuery) More info here.