experiments & demo's

Some code still in beta
Last updated: 11/30/2023
SVG + JavaScript-based dynamic motion blur image scroller.
Last updated: 11/22/2023
Tool that allows you to compare two or more iMDB and/or Plex watchlists to see which movies overlap (thus can be watched together by the watchlist's owners).
Last updated: 10/27/2023
JavaScript debounce/rate limiter module for functions that are prone to repetitive calling (such as mousewheel, orientationchange, resize, scroll, etc).
Last updated: 10/27/2023
A scroller that stays scrolled to bottom, without using any JavaScript. More info here.
Last updated: 10/23/2023
A Bootstrap integration, and further development/refinement of Josh Comeau's Magical 3D Button. More info here.
Last updated: 04/28/2022
Extends the browser's (JavaScript) console to a visual console (in HTML). More info here.
Last updated: 03/15/2022
How I attempted to recreate InDesign’s ‘baseline grid’ using CSS More info here.
Last updated: 12/29/2021
Very Simple (but very versatile) Parallax scrolling system, using CSS and just 15 lines of JavaScript.
Last updated: 04/23/2021
JavaScript-based (Bitcoin) blockchain simulator.
Last updated: 12/30/2019
Designed for use with graphs, when descriptive labels should not overlap each other. More info here.
Last updated: 03/31/2016
Emulates momentum/intertial scrolling (no rubber band effect) using plain JavaScript (jQuery) More info here.
A bit of CSS that will simulate chromatic aberration on type.